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How do you know if the collection is genuine?

i + g cohen Ltd is constantly working with several bodies within the industry to improve standards for collections by campaigning for a code of practice to be adopted industry wide, so that there is consistency and reassurance for the public about clothing collections for charity. We work closely with the police, licensing departments in local authorities, trading standards, BIS (formerly BERR) and other agencies to help get these bogus collectors off our streets! If you have any concerns about the authenticity of the clothing collection bag or leaflet you have received here are our TOP 5 bogus busting tips: 1. Is there a registered charity or company number? You can contact the Charity Commission for confirmation on 0845 3000 218. 2. Is there a contact telephone number on the bag? Beware if it is a mobile number only, as most reputable companies will have a landline number starting with 0844 or 0870 3.Is there a company website address on the bag? It is always worth checking it out, as it can give you more information about how your donations are used and who will benefit from your generosity 4. Are the collection vehicles clearly marked? Do the collectors have visible ID on them? Do not be afraid to ask! You have every right to know that your donations are going to the right people 5. Does the leaflet or bag state whether the collection is for a commercial company or a charity? If it is a bit vague then it may be best to investigate further. Finally, we wish to thank every member of the public who has contacted us with information about bogus collections. We always strive to prosecute and it is with your vigilance and willingness to help that we have been able to bring this issue to light.

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