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"We’re making progress on bogus clothing collectors” say police

At a forum organised by the police force to update charities and clothing collection companies such as i + g cohen Ltd, officers called on charities to help them. A desk has been opened at the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau to tackle the problem which Commissioner of the City of London Police, Adrian Leppard said is an “emerging threat that is making millions of pounds for organised crime gangs” i + g cohen Ltd attended the forum where police acknowledged that they had not dealt well with charity bag fraud in the past, but said that was now changing with the meeting being hailed as a “stepping stone towards having a national strategy that will enable law enforcement and the charity sector to work in close partnership to tackle what is a particularly callous and cold-hearted crime” The Fundraising Standards Board receive many calls from the public who are anxious to identify genuine charity clothing collection bags and their Chief Executive, Alistair McLean is encouraged that the police have made such a big effort on bogus collections. “There is a real acknowledgement at long last that this is a really big issue,” he said. We will keep you updated, of course and as always ask the public to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity to the police or to our own care2collect helpline where we will be happy to report it on your behalf. Check out our guide "How do you know if the collection is genuine?" for our Top 5 bogus collectors busting tips!

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