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What happens to your clothes?

i + g cohen Ltd recycle used clothing and household textiles through reuse. We accept good quality, clean clothing and shoes that can be worn again. Once the clothing has been collected via kerbside collections or from textile banks it is sorted and graded at our warehouse in Salford.

Most of the used clothing collected by i + g cohen Ltd is sold on for export to Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia. More than 70% of the world’s population wear second hand clothing.

Our highly trained sorting teams specialise in picking out the items that make up the crème grade which is most sought after by our customers in Eastern Europe or making up bales of tropical mix grade for the African market. They also pick out vintage and retro items that are provided to our vintage wholesaler Ever So Bazaar.

Any used clothing and textiles that sorted but are unable to be used for export due to blemishes or rips are baled together according to material and grade and sent to recycling centres to be made into wipers. i + g cohen Ltd sell wiper rags to industry including engineering companies and garages