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Why Recycle?

i + g cohen Ltd recycle used clothing and textiles through reuse. The global issues regarding the environment and the contentious use of landfill has never been more prominent and we are determined to divert as many textiles from landfill as possible.

Did you know? The average UK household owns around £4,000 worth of clothes and around 30% of clothing in wardrobes hasn’t been worn for at least one year.The cost of this unused clothing is around £3 billion. An estimated £140 million of used clothing goes to landfill each year.

Did you know? Textiles represent between 3% -5% of household waste. Textiles make up to 12% of landfill sites. In one year discarded clothing would fill Old Trafford stadium.

Did you know? Over 70% of the world’s population wear secondhand clothing. As well as the obvious environmental benefits of textile recycling and reuse, there are also important social and economic benefits. The textile recycling industry in the UK provides affordable clothing to people in the developing world and emerging countries in Eastern Europe. In many of these countries, it also provides the basis of economic growth by providing employment.

Did you know? The commercial textile recycling industry in the UK provides employment for up to 10,000 people with a further 9,500 people employed in the charity shop sector. Alan Wheeler, National Liaison Manager from the Textile Recycling Association claims that “The public and politicians should be fully aware of the crucial contributions this industry makes to the world economy and sustainable development."

Source: WRAP “Valuing Our Clothes” report 2012